Big Studio Set

Let’s Install the furniture

Photographing a piece of furniture is like making a portrait of it.

It can be photographed alone or in an adapted environment to its presence. You can even invite it to the studio and rebuild an imaginary environment and arrange that element to have it all to his advantage.
Whether it’s a piece of furniture or an object of decoration, photographing it is always an exercise for its own sake and a search for the ideal lighting.

Furniture 1

A know-how

I always pay special attention to my object photography, whether it is small size
Or it is a piece of furniture included in a large room.
Furniture 2

In the Studio

Studio Photography on a Background
Neutral or big set.
Furniture 3

On location

Photography at the owner or at the showroom
Furniture in a situation of use.
Furniture 4
Furniture 5

on location

Indoor & Commercial

Talking about a photography of your furniture outside the showroom, I strive to find the best angle to put the furniture in value according to the constraints of the place and its arrangement.

Practicing the same photography for interior architecture, I will be able to integrate to the best and enhance your furnishings thanks to my aesthetic approach of the place and your furniture. These images made for you in a suitable environment are extremely rewarding and allow you to communicate forcefully.


Interior spaces and experiences

Do you have a photography project? Do you sell items or furniture for the house or office? Do you want to keep track of your creations on site or form a thesaurus? I accompany you from beginning to end in the realization of your images.
Located in Paris and with a great geographical mobility, I move everywhere to sublimate your achievements.

Furniture 6
Furniture 7

2 Examples of projects


Great atmosphere in the Studio

For USM France.

On location

At Baker-Kohler

For Baker France

Together, let’s elaborate photographs.

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