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It is obvious that the genre of the portrait occupies a very special place in the history of Western art.

Soon after his invention, evolving with social, theological and art history, after painting did, photography devote quickly to portraiture.

Becoming the “Mirror that remembers, coupled with an extra soul”, its main challenge is to translate and give visibility to the signals of identity of the subject that the photographer will reveal trought the photograph. This epiphany may focus on emphasizing a trait of character useful to the model. The photographer will be there to guide the model to a destination decided in advance according to the assignment of the image produced.

Corporate 1

The purpose of a corporate portrait?

Discover that beyond the curriculum vitae of a framework or the journey of a company, there are authentic human persons, skilled with incredible knowledge and know-how without limits..

Corporate 2

In the Studio

At the studio rented for the occasion
or improvised in your premises.

Corporate 3

On location

Outdoor Portrait on location
Of the company or emblematic.

Corporate 4
Corporate 5

The best

Pride and relaxation

The corporate portrait I use to take shows you under your best light and reflects your involvement in your position. My professional advice will make you comfortable and I will guide you in the best poses to take to make the best of your image by highlighting your strengths. If shooting is less formal than the one dedicated to a directory, we will look for the place in your company and around to make you pose in a pleasant context.

All over the world

A studio on Earth.

I do a lot of photography around Ile-de-France. I visit you with studio type lighthing (light, rather mobile…)
My presence at your home let you feel a tranquility, availability and comfort unsurpassed. You will then be confident and more comfortable for the session where you will appear more natural and relaxed. These home sessions also offer you the ability to easily and quickly change outfit for more varied images. We can then mix natural light with mastered light.

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Corporate 7

Together, let’s Make your portrait.

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