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It is obvious that the genre of the portrait occupies an important place for the profession of comedian.

A portrait is important for your promotion. I propose to Paris a service of portrait for actors and actors: a portrait That will be the perfect tool to showcase your talent and personality. Whether you are an actor, actress, actor or theatre actress, appearing or appearing: this neat and expressive portrait becomes your indispensable business card.

Professional studio modeling and acting photography 1

How does a session take place?

The session lasts an hour to two about, the idea being to have time to turn around the subject, to propose you different expressions, different framing, as well close closeups very tight access on your look as larger plans that leave Perceive your gesture and your attitude.
Professional studio modeling and acting photography 2

In the Studio

The session can be done at the rented studio for the occasion
In the 9th arrondissement.
Professional studio modeling and acting photography 3


An outdoor portrait session is also possible
The work will focus on context and scenery.
Professional studio modeling and acting photography 4
Professional studio modeling and acting photography 5
Professional studio modeling and acting photography 6

The best

Composition and relaxation

You can come up with two different outfits to have different styling and give you the choice in the final result, a choice that will allow you to respond to many and different requests.

I propose of course black and white images for a reason of sobriety and elegance. This will also allow the observer to pay attention to your face, but I can also communicate color images to you. For the session, whether you are a man or a woman, I recommend you to have a makeup that attenuates the reflections on the skin.

A studio session is at €340 and includes an hour and a half of shooting, a selection of 30 high definition portraits and free of charge for the promotion of your activity as a comedian/actor/appearing. Advertising and publishing rights are not included. My images can serve you for several years and their sobriety will go through the modes and currents. I prefer a dark background color That puts more forward the look and facial features. A clear background can sometimes be suitable too. It is important to discuss these choices with you upstream so that you have the best service and photos that are perfectly successful and that will play their role in your career.

An outdoor session is at €270 and includes an hour or even two but does not include the travel expenses that will be at your expense if we move in Uber to benefit from several places during the same Parisian session, be it a wall along The Seine or a typical Parisian and recognizable location.






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